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Seller Services

Selling a Home

Our goal is to help market your home to qualified clientele with a minimum of inconvenience to you. To accomplish this we will:

  • Advise you as to market conditions and price.
  • Make a market value estimate as today’s value, advising you as to the probable price range where your property will sell.
  • Explain selling on contract and cashing the contract out.
  • Offer suggestions on the appearance and any preparations in your home that may be necessary.
  • Carefully record all of your dimensions and details of your property on agency agreement.
  • Explain how to regard any early offer.
  • Obtain complete details from you regarding your property’s earnings and all expenses if you are selling income property.
  • Carefully exclude any items semi-attached you may not want to include in the sale.
  • Explain the importance of a listing for a sufficient length of time and the relationship of price and market conditions regarding exposure of time.
  • Place a sign in your front yard.
  • Make arrangements for office tour.
  • Explain advertising program and how advertising helps you sell your home.
  • Explain your probable sales expenses, including any penalties, back taxes, assessments which may be due.
  • Explain how the agency handles all details…even allowing you to leave town ahead of time.
  • Explain what to do when a prospect contacts you directly.
  • Explain importance of calling your agency when you are purchasing another home regarding any advertisement or signs on any property for sale and how to register at an open house.

Nine Steps to a Sale

  1. Carefully determine the price
  2. Effectively “stage” the home
  3. Implement an aggressive marketing plan
  4. Pre-qualify all prospective buyers
  5. Consistently seek feedback
  6. Utilize strategic negotiating skills
  7. Obtain top dollar sale
  8. Coordinate all closing details
  9. Contact The Real Estate Company first!