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Water Surface Acres: 703
Mean Depth: 39’
Max. Depth: 85’
Public Access: Located on the North Shore of CTH “K” Spring-fed Lake; Very clear.

Located North of Hwy 16; South of Hwy K; and West of Hwy 83

In 1841, a young Swedish settler named Gustav Unonius staked a claim on the east shore of Pine Lake, calling it the “most lovely lake he had ever seen”. Primarily settled by nobles, theologians, merchants, teachers and military officers, Pine Lake became a place known for wealthy land holdings and of luxury hotel resorts noted for majestic, tree-lined shores and picturesque views that last from morning until nightfall.

After the advent of the automobile, the lake country region began to see a surge of lake occupancy along its shorelines. While many lakes were seeing cottages springing up on 50’ lots, early Pine Lake settlers helped ensure that beautiful Pine Lake would not be exploited nor so casually divided.

“No public boat or airplane landing, livery, dance hall, or place of public amusement of any kind shall be permitted on said land, and not more than one house per acre or per 150′ of lake frontage . . . ”

Deed Restriction of Pine Lake (circa 1928) Even until now, Pine Lake remains an exclusive part of history that is home to immense estates privy to its seven miles of distinguished shoreline.

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